in the hometown of history's greatest war correspondent

FEP receives $15,000 grant to fund accessible restrooms for museum

       The Vermillion County Community Foundation is awarding a $15,000 grant for a project to add permanent restrooms that will be accessible to those with disabilities to the Ernie Pyle World War II Museum.

       The award is through the Creative Placemaking Grantmaking Initiative 2.0.

       The foundation presented a check to the FEP on Tuesday, March 21, at the Vermillion County Public Library in Newport, Indiana during a ceremony honoring other grant recipients. 

      “The Friends of Ernie Pyle are grateful for this generous grant from the Vermillion County Community Foundation,” said Steve Key, FEP president. 

“We are excited about the prospect of creating a restroom building that will not only enhance the museum visitor experience, but create an asset that can be used by the community.”